Israeli Hebrew for Speakers of English
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Israeli Hebrew for Speakers of English is a series of Hebrew language textbooks designed by a group of linguists and Hebrew instructors at the University of Illinois. The books are accompanied by extensive audio materials and a "computerized workbook", both available for free download from this website.

The series is designed with the following goals in mind:

The series, published by Duben Books, consists of three textbooks covering elementary, intermediate and advanced-intermediate Hebrew. The textbooks are used at major universities, as well as in high schools and adult education programs.

Price and ordering information
Follow the link below to purchase our books via the Internet, a service provided by Paypal.  Please note that there are two prices for each book, one for class orders of five or more books and the other for fewer than five books.  Please choose the price applicable to your order.

All orders are subject to shipping charges.  You will be prompted to enter your ZIP code so that shipping charges will be computed and added to your order.

Note: We are selling current stock of Book II for only $28 rather than the normal price of $42 because the glue in the binding has dried up and, as a result, the pages come loose. Other than having loose bindings, the current books are in perfect condition.
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Israeli Hebrew audio material are available MP3 format. See the link below.  Students and teachers are authorized to download the files vand make audio CDs from the MP3 files for their own use or for class use. 

In some browsers clicking on files in the audio materials we have uploaded will play the file in your browser, while in others the file will be downloaded to your computer for you to play in the MP3 player of your choice. In most browsers ALT (Option) clicking on the file will download it to your computer.  The files should also play on your iPod or portable MP3 player.

Computer Assisted Instruction

Now available: computer assisted instruction (CAI) to accompany Israeli Hebrew Book One and Book Two. A very extensive program of computer assisted instruction, originally developed for the University of Illinois PLATO Project, is available for free download. This material is like a computerized workbook for learning Hebrew. As you practice, your computer corrects your mistakes.

Learning Hebrew with your computer is easy and fun. Download the lessons and try it out.  (Sorry, but we cannot offer support for problems running these files on your computer.)


Orders: DubenBooks@USA.Net